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From the club organizer   

October 11, 2018

In November 2017, I was one of hundreds of thousands of Tesla Model 3 reservation holders, who were waiting to buy a Model 3.  I watched nearly every video on YouTube that pertained to the Model 3.  When there was news about Tesla, and specifically about the Model 3, I was aware of it.  It is still hard for me to believe that I have now been a Model 3 owner for over 3 months.  Time certainly does fly by.

There are a number of Tesla fan organizations around the country.  One organization that was front and center for Model 3 enthusiasts was the Model 3 Owners Club, which was started by Treavor Page and Kenneth Bokor.  Treavor and Kenneth live in Canada.  They started a YouTube channel and did a good job of reporting Model 3 news during 2017.  At some point, Treavor decided that he would purchase a Model X rather than wait for the Model 3 to be delivered in Canada.  A few months later, Kenneth left the Model 3 Owners Club YouTube Channel to start his own EV-related show, The EV Revolution Show.  Both shows are interesting, but neither is really Model 3 specific now.

I considered the possibility of a Model 3 club for enthusiasts in San Luis Obispo County.  I envisioned a club that would be similar to other car clubs, except we would be about the best car of them all, the Tesla Model 3.  So, while I waited for my turn to take delivery of a Model 3, I registered the domain name and set up a web site for the Tesla Model 3 Club of San Luis Obispo County.

I have some experience with web site hosting and search engines.  I sent the domain name to the major search engines and posted links to some of the informational content from the web site on some of the Model 3 forums.  The web site has gone from a total of 30 views in November 2017 to 5,948 views in September 2018.  Unfortunately, all of the web site traffic has not translated to a growing club membership.

Either no one in San Luis Obispo County has found this web site or almost no one is interested in a Model 3 club here.  I began the club 11 months ago and today there are 3 members.  It’s not the kind of response I expected.

As I considered this result, another thing occurred to me.  I expected that, when I took delivery of my Model 3, I would be answering questions from curious people as I drove around the area.  I have had my Model 3 for 3 months and, after having driven over 2,500 miles, I haven’t had one person stop me and ask me about the car.  Clearly, not everyone is as much in awe of this car as I am.  That’s alright because I am primarily driving my Model 3 for me.  I hate that our society is still relying on gasoline and diesel to fuel our transportation.  At least I will never have to fill up with gasoline in my personal car ever again.  With the solar panels on my house, my Model 3 is effectively sun-powered.

This week, I decided that I have expended enough effort trying to start this club.  I have retired within the past month and am hoping to move out of California sometime during the next year.  My plan is to leave the web site active for another year.  The domain registration and web site services cost about $25 per year.  If someone wants to take the idea of a San Luis Obispo County Model 3 club and run with it, I would be happy to transfer the domain name for that purpose.  Otherwise, lacking any interest, I will let the domain name expire in November 2019.

It feels a little weird that my new normal is to plug my Model 3 into my garage destination charger when I reach about 100 miles of range and I don’t have to decide when I should stop at a gasoline station.  There a lot of people out there, who don’t know what they’re missing.

Chris Davis